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Fair Price Market Wholesale is a Business-to-Business, and Online Marketing Cash and Carry wholesale format, owned and operated by Fair Price Market. Fair Price Market is the India leading retailer renowned for Banking Credit Card Outcrossing, Finance, and Pharmacist, Distributer Ship provide by Seles its efficiency and expertise in logistics, supply chain management and sourcing. The mission of Fair Price Market is to “Enable small businesses to prosper.” We are committed to our mission by providing thousands of items at the lowest possible prices to our Costumer’s comprising of:
Offices and Institutions (O&I)
A Fair Price Market spans over 5,000 Sq. ft. offering more than 2,000 items, across product categories such as:
Consumer Packaged Goods (Food & Non Food)
General Merchandise
Household Electronics
Many more other products are also available under one roof, at everyday low and transparent prices to business members. Over 90-95% of these products are sourced locally. This helps to keep costs to a minimum, add to the growth of the local economy and create job opportunities.
Fair Price Market currently operates online sells across in India. The wholesale Cash and Carry store was open in November 2017.
For the convenience of our members, Fair Price Market is open 24 hours to available the facilities Fair Price, it is mandatory to become costumers.

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